July 03, 2016 3:41 PM


Last week you changed the course of history. Vote Leave took on almost every force with power and money and we won. Britain chose to Vote Leave.

This victory would not have happened without your amazing help and generosity. Thousands of you donated. Thousands of you volunteered. Thousands of you spoke to friends and family on our behalf to spread the message. THANK YOU!

In just ten months we built from scratch an unprecedented national movement that took our campaign to every corner of the country. We got to places that ‘politics as usual’ ignored. People who have been ignored, and have never been involved in politics before, suddenly spoke out and took action.

In 2008, the worst financial crisis since 1929 hit the world. The people who paid the bills were mainly those on P.A.Y.E. They are still paying. They are also paying the bills for the EU’s and the euro’s dysfunction. Meanwhile many with power and money who were responsible for the mistakes and were completely wrong in their predictions dodged their fair share of the bills and got rich out of the EU system. We spoke for those on P.A.Y.E.

We did new things. Nobody in the UK has ever successfully built a web-based electoral database. Companies have spent millions and failed. We did it in a few months and succeeded. The combination of this database, our digital communication effort and our ground campaign broke new ground for political campaigns. This database product is worth a lot of money. We will shortly put the code online so that everyone can use it for free in the future (keep an eye on Github if interested). Hopefully it will help other campaigns give the public a powerful voice as we have. We’ve shown political parties how they can change and stop ignoring large parts of the country.

Why is this important? The British political system is broken in many ways and needs big changes - the EU is not our only problem. Our campaign was never controlled by any party though there were great people from all parties who helped us. All the parties have very deep problems. The way they are structured incentivises MPs to focus on themselves and their party - not the public interest.

It is important that the Conservative leadership candidates accept that the vote must be respected. Both the leading IN candidate (Theresa May) and the leading OUT candidate (Michael Gove) have made clear that if they win they will respect the vote and deliver a new UK-EU deal. This could mean, among other things, democratic control of immigration policy. This could marginalise extremists and allow a fair, sensible, and humane new policy. It could mean new trade deals and new jobs. It could mean more money for health, education, and science.

But we cannot be sure it will happen. In particular, while there are many wonderful civil servants there are also many who regard our victory as a disaster. They will try to stop or minimise changes. Not all the candidates in the Conservative leadership campaign have shown an ability to deliver big changes in the face of civil service opposition. Many in Labour are in complete denial about the real state of opinion and the real problems of the EU. Few MPs have the skills needed to manage normal government departments - never mind the EU negotiation and complex problems that implementing the referendum result require. Many MPs are desperate to ignore any lessons from the referendum and go back to politics as usual. The situation is very worrying.

Westminster cannot be relied upon. Taking back control to Britain is just the first step. The next step should be major political changes in Britain so that the broken Westminster and Whitehall system has to focus on the public interest in a way it does not now. If we increase the power of MPs and officials without changing how they behave, we will not solve our problems. We need organisations like Vote Leave to operate permanently to give a voice to those who otherwise won’t be heard.

This campaign did not win because of support in Westminster - it won because of support in the country that has forced Westminster to listen. But three MPs in particular worked closely together and helped us win: Michael Gove (Conservative), Boris Johnson (Conservative), and Gisela Stuart (Labour) who was also a wonderful Chair. We want to thank all three of them too. They put their careers and reputations on the line. THANK YOU Boris, Gisela, and Michael. Thank you too to other MPs of all parties who helped, such as Anne-Marie Trevelyan and Graham Stringer.

It’s been a privilege to have your support throughout this campaign. Your dedication brought victory.

On behalf of the team here at Vote Leave, and on behalf of the public, THANK YOU - and goodbye.

Best wishes

The Vote Leave HQ

P.S. If you want to keep in touch with events after we have won, then follow the private blog of our Campaign Director, Dominic Cummings - CLICK HERE. If we ever want to send up a ‘bat signal’ that Westminster is cheating the vote and we need to form a new movement, you will see the bat signal there…

P.P.S. The website will remain online for many years. We are not using your data for any other purpose. All personal data will be permanently destroyed as we promised at the start. If you want to contribute to our ‘lessons learned’ investigation, then please take this survey - CLICK HERE



June 22, 2016 7:50 PM


Let’s make history.

What is this campaign really about?

Our political system is stuck. Whichever party is in charge, the Government cannot sort out our problems or deliver their promises because they have to follow EU rules. If we want things to change we must take back control.

This vote is about whether the British public are able to choose the people who make their laws and spend their money.

If we vote to stay, we are voting to continue being ruled by people we cannot chuck out. We will keep losing control and money. Our children and grandchildren will find it harder to buy a house, to get their kids into a good school, to get a GP appointment, and they’ll be paying for the bailouts of the euro.

If we vote leave, it will be a glorious strengthening of our democracy.

We will take back control of our laws.

We will take back control of our money - our official EU bill is £350 million every week. We'll be able to spend our money on the public's priorities, particularly public services.

We will take back control of migration policy. Migration brings many benefits but we have lost democratic control. This is even more dangerous because there are five more countries in the queue to join. If we Vote Leave, we can introduce a humane and fair points-based system that does not discriminate against people based on the country they live in. The public will again be able to control migration policy at elections. Extremists will be neutralised and politics will be healthier.

The IN campaign has nothing to offer except threats and talking down Britain. They've spent month after month saying Britain is too weak to take back control. They’ve even claimed that a Leave vote will mean World War Three. They've given up on the EU improving. They admit it's rubbish but say we have to sacrifice democracy for trade.

This is defeatist and wrong. This referendum is not a choice between democracy and trade. Countries around the world trade with the EU without giving away control over their own laws.

Britain is a great country. We will be even greater if we take back control of our own democracy.

Finally, when you are talking to people - please reassure them that after we Vote Leave, there won't be a sudden change that disrupts the economy. The day after the referendum, nothing changes legally. We will talk to our friends in Europe and discuss the best way to agree a new UK-EU relationship. We won’t rush into it. When we do make changes we will make them carefully.

We may have to wait another forty years to get another vote. Imagine how much could go wrong by then. Britain is all about fairness. We believe that Britain will be a fairer country if we vote leave tomorrow.

If you're on our side, then please talk to someone you know and persuade them to vote for us. Download our app - it will save you time and will simply text the friends and family you choose, asking them to Vote Leave.

Please share this message, together we can change history tomorrow!

Best wishes

Michael Gove
Boris Johnson
Gisela Stuart

Turkish government and Major contradict Cameron - Turkey will join in a decade

Turkish government and Major contradict Cameron - Turkey will join in a decade

June 22, 2016 12:39 PM

David Cameron has been criticised for not being straight with the British public over Turkish membership of the EU. Last night President Erdogan’s Chief Adviser, İlnur Çevik, said that the Turkish government was ‘flabbergasted’ that their ‘chief supporter’ was saying something different in public to what he has told them in private.

This morning Sir John Major admitted that Turkey could join the EU in ‘a decade’, directly contradicting the Prime Minister's claim that they would not join until the year 3000.

German industry calls for free trade deal if we Vote Leave tomorrow

German industry calls for free trade deal if we Vote Leave tomorrow

June 22, 2016 10:20 AM

New research shows that 5.5 million jobs in the EU depend on trade with the UK while the Chief Executive and Director General of the German CBI has said it would be 'very, very foolish' to impose trade barriers and called for continued free trade between the UK and the EU if we Vote Leave.

Responding to Markus Kerber’s comments that fatally undermine the IN campaign’s claims of future trade barriers, Boris Johnson MP said:

‘After the incessant doom mongering of the IN campaign, we now hear the truth from the “Voice of German Industry” - that they would be desperate for free trade after we Vote Leave. Of course EU countries will continue trading with us on a tariff free basis - they would be damaging their own commercial interests if they didn’t. That’s why EU politicians would be banging down the door for a trade deal on Friday.

‘As Sir James Dyson said today, this is the last opportunity to regain control of our futures. If we want to take back control and have a more secure and more prosperous future, we have to Vote Leave on 23 June.’

IN campaign can't find a positive reason to stay in the EU

IN campaign can't find a positive reason to stay in the EU

June 21, 2016 11:16 PM

Responding to the BBC debate at Wembley, Vote Leave Chief Executive Matthew Elliott said:

‘The IN campaign had nothing positive to contribute tonight - just like they’ve failed to make a positive contribution during the whole campaign. They’ve lost the economic argument, they don’t want to spend the £350 million we send to Brussels every week on our priorities and can’t explain how we can ever control immigration from inside the EU. They couldn’t even be honest about how many laws in this country come from Brussels. The public will have a choice on Thursday, they can choose project fear and vote IN or they can chose project hope and take back control of their money and their borders. A vote to Leave on Thursday is a vote for democracy.’

EU law keeps killers in the UK

EU law keeps killers in the UK

June 21, 2016 12:11 PM

Today, the Home Secretary is asking the UK Supreme Court to overturn a ruling of the Court of Appeal which would keep a convicted killer in the UK because of EU law.

Commenting, Dominic Raab MP said:

‘This case shines a light on the skewed moral compass at the heart of EU rules on free movement. An EU national convicted of brutally killing someone in this country, by hammering and strangling them to death, can't be removed on the basis of the conviction by a UK court. It's dangerous and undemocratic. The Prime Minister is absolutely right to describe the legal position as “complete madness”. The only way to restore some sanity is to vote leave and take back control of our borders on 23 June.'

The EU and the European Court increase the cost of living for consumers

The EU and the European Court increase the cost of living for consumers

June 21, 2016 10:49 AM

Responding to claims by the IN campaign that the cost of living would rise if we left the EU, Matthew Elliott, Chief Executive of Vote Leave said:

‘Independent experts are clear, EU membership and the meddling court that comes with it have put up prices and hurt our economic growth. If we Vote Leave, we can take back control of the £350 million we hand to Brussels every week and spend it on our priorities. The EU is costly, bureaucratic and blind to the impact it has had on people’s wages and soaring energy bills. Not only is a vote to leave on Thursday a vote for democracy, it is also a vote for a more prosperous future.’     

We could have avoided austerity

We could have avoided austerity

June 21, 2016 10:48 AM

A group of high profile Labour MPs have highlighted a series of austerity measures, perpetrated by George Osborne and David Cameron, that could have been avoided if we had kept the hundreds of millions we send to the EU every week.

When George Osborne introduced the bedroom tax, the cuts to social services, and the public sector pay freeze, he said it was necessary in order to get the economy back on track. Today's letter shows that this is not true and that in fact it is a matter of priorities. If we had been in control of the £350 million we spend on EU membership every week, all this could have been avoided.  

British embassies have dedicated teams to help Turkey, Serbia and others join the EU

British embassies have dedicated teams to help Turkey, Serbia and others join the EU

June 20, 2016 4:57 PM

British Embassy staff in multiple non-EU countries, including Turkey and Serbia, are working to facilitate their entry into the European Union. This is despite claims by the IN campaign that there is no prospect of new countries joining the EU in the coming years.

The Government webpage for the British Embassy in Ankara states ‘we have a dedicated team working on projects to improve Turkey’s prospects of joining the EU’, whilst the Government webpage for the British Embassy in Belgrade explains that ‘the UK’s main goal in Serbia is to see the implementation of the political, economic and social reforms necessary for Serbia’s EU accession.’

Furthermore, the webpages for British Embassies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine and Georgia all contain statements that the UK is supporting their ambitions of EU membership.

UK taxpayers are already paying almost £2 billion to support the accession of Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey, however these findings suggest that further dedicated resources are being used to help them join the EU.

EU tax bombshell to cost each household over £2,600

EU tax bombshell to cost each household over £2,600

June 20, 2016 10:39 AM

New research by Vote Leave reveals:

  • The EU has made no secret of its plans to abolish the UK’s zero and reduced rates of value added tax (VAT).
  • Official figures from the Commissioners for HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) show that the revenue raised if these lower rates did not exist would have been £71.3 billion in 2015-2016. This would constitute an effective 61.5% rise in VAT, or a 10.5% increase in the total tax burden.
  • This amounts to £2,649 per household and suggests that the EU’s continued control of the UK’s tax system could prove very costly in the event of a ‘remain’ vote on 23 June.

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