Gisela Stuart to Chair Vote Leave campaign

Vote Leave have today announced the formal cross-party campaign committee and board structure that will guide it through the EU Referendum campaign. Vote Leave are delighted that the Labour MP Gisela Stuart will become the Chair of Vote Leave, taking over the role from Lord Lawson who was appointed as interim chairman in early February. Ms Stuart will also head up the Vote Leave Campaign Committee as Co-Convenor with Michael Gove.


Other notable members of the campaign committee include the outgoing Vote Leave Chairman Lord Lawson, former Labour Ministers Frank Field, Lord Owen and Graham Stringer, all the cabinet ministers backing Vote Leave, the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, DUP MP Nigel Dodds, the former Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce John Longworth and former Liberal Democrat MP Paul Keetch. The committee and board will be supported by a compliance committee and a finance committee.

Also joining the Board is UKIP spokesperson, Suzanne Evans and businessman Martin Bellamy who is chairman and CEO of Salamanca Group.


Commenting Gisela Stuart, Vote Leave Chair said:

'I'm delighted to be leading the campaign to take back control from the EU. If we Vote Leave we will be able to spend our money on our priorities like the NHS. We will be able to once again vote for - and kick out - the people who make our laws. If we take back control we will be safer as a country. I would encourage people from all campaigns and none to join up with our campaign today.'


Former Chairman Nigel Lawson, said:

‘When I accepted the Chairmanship of Vote Leave in February, I did so on the basis that other senior figures would step forward to support the campaign once the Prime Minister returned from the European Council. I am delighted that so many senior figures have stepped forward to support Vote Leave and I am also pleased to continue to support this historic effort over the next hundred days through the Campaign Committee.’


Matthew Elliott, Chief Executive of Vote Leave said:

‘I am delighted that Vote Leave will be led by such a strong and experienced group of campaigners, business leaders and political heavyweights for the final hundred days of the campaign. We will appeal to supporters of all political parties and none while demonstrating that the scare stories propagated by the BSE campaign are a work of fiction. Britain will face a choice between taking control or handing more money and power to Brussels on 23rd June. The safe choice is to Vote Leave.’


Notes to Editors

1. The Vote Leave Campaign Committee is the public facing governing body that will meet weekly to set the campaign strategy for Vote Leave.

Michael Gove (Co-Convener) *

Gisela Stuart (Co-Convener) *

Matthew Elliott (Chief Executive) *

Dominic Cummings (Campaign Director) *

Steve Baker

Douglas Carswell

Ian Davidson *

Nigel Dodds

Iain Duncan Smith

Frank Field

Lord Forsyth

Liam Fox

Chris Grayling

Dan Hannan

Boris Johnson *

Paul Keetch

Lord Lawson

Andrea Leadsom

John Longworth

Lord Owen

Priti Patel

Dominic Raab

Graham Stringer

Theresa Villiers

John Whittingdale

Jon Moynihan will attend as Chairman of the Finance Committee.


* Denotes the core group which will coordinate between campaign committee meetings and meet on a daily basis.


2. The Vote Leave Board will be legally responsible for the campaign:

Gisela Stuart (Chairman)

John Mills (Deputy Chairman)

Arabella Arkwright

Martin Bellamy

Harriet Bridgeman

Peter Cruddas

Suzanne Evans

Michael Forsyth

Alan Halsall

Daniel Hodson (Chairman, Compliance Committee)

Bernard Jenkin

Jon Moynihan (Chairman, Finance Committee)

Graham Stringer

Anne-Marie Trevelyan

Stuart Wheeler

Victoria Woodcock (Company Secretary)

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