Campaign News – Pro-EU CBI admits jobs and growth will rise if we Vote Leave

Big business spin can’t hide the fact that economy would prosper outside EU

The pro-EU CBI has released its latest report extolling the virtues of staying in an unreformed EU. However, even using pessimistic models of the UK’s future relationship with the EU after we Vote Leave, the EU-funded big business lobby group finds that employment and growth will rise.

The CBI admits that growth will be stronger after we Vote Leave than if we stay in the EU. It also goes on to say that, even in the worst case scenario, the UK will gain 3 million jobs after we take back control and Vote Leave. You can read our full response to the report here.

The CBI has a history of getting it horribly wrong on the EU. It called on the UK to join the European Exchange Rate Mechanism, which was disastrous for our economy, and it campaigned for the UK to scrap the pound. It was wrong then and it’s wrong now.


Turkey deal moves the EU’s border to Syria

Late last week, EU leaders rushed through a deal with Turkey in an attempt to try and cope with the migrant crisis. As part of the deal, official talks to make Turkey a full member of the EU will be ‘re-energised’. The EU has also agreed in principle to give 75 million Turkish citizens access to the passport-free Schengen zone by June this year, meaning that the EU is creating a visa-free zone stretching from the English Channel to the Syrian border.

Being in the EU undermines our security and makes it easier for criminals to get in. The former Head of Interpol, Ronald K Noble, said last year that the EU’s lack of internal borders ‘is like hanging a sign welcoming terrorists to Europe’. The European Court also has the final say on whether we can deport dangerous criminals.  We need to Vote Leave on 23 June to take back control of our borders and our national security. It is the safer option.

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