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Vote Leave is releasing an advert today - 'HEROES'. It looks at some of the decisive moments in British history.



The Establishment's confidence in Britain was shattered by the Suez crisis. This led directly to the attempt to join the European Economic Community. For decades the Establishment has argued that Britain is too weak to be a normal self-governing democracy and it has no alternative to EU membership.

We disagree. Britain is strong enough to be a self-governing democracy.

The EU is plagued by existential problems. The euro is destroying the Greek economy. The EU cannot cope with the historic migration surge from North Africa and the Middle East. It suffers low growth, high unemployment, and huge debts. It is hostile to the networks of scientists and entrepreneurs that the world needs to solve problems (e.g. the Single Market's disastrous Clinical Trials Directive). The EU's institutions, created in the 1950s, are founded on the principle of centralising control in powerful bureaucracies.

This is the opposite of what Europe needs.


We need a new European system based on three principles.

1. We stop blocking the Eurozone countries from trying to save the euro.

2. We remove ourselves from the EU structures designed to support the euro and 'ever closer union' in the federal project. We end the supremacy of EU law and take back control of vital policies from trade to migration to rules on how public services are run.

3. All European countries, whether in or out of the euro and the EU, trade and cooperate in a friendly way. Europe needs more international cooperation but this requires new institutions that can adapt quickly - not those created in the rubble of World War Two, that persist with failures like the Common Agricultural Policy.

The only way to do this is to Vote Leave. If we vote 'remain', we may not have another chance for decades and we will be locked into a failing system.

Britain also needs a new path. Education and science should have a far greater priority than they do. They are vital for our security and prosperity. All parties have invested too little in them but they are the foundation of success for modern countries.

These heroes changed Britain and the world for the better. We are strong enough to take control, revive our democracy, and help Europe by our example.


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Friends like these

David Cameron will today be negotiating with EU leaders on the future of the UK and its place in the EU. However, the British public will rightly be concerned that some of the people he will be trying to strike a deal with have extremely questionable views.  Our laws should be decided by people who we vote for, rather than EU politicians who do not share our values.


Immigration figures withheld  

Jonathan Portes from the National Institute of Economic and Social Research has revealed that the Government is refusing to publish figures on recent EU migration, even though they have access to them. Responding to Portes’ Freedom of Information request, HMRC stated that ‘releasing information...would be unhelpful to the negotiation process’.  He suggests that this may be because ‘there are actually considerably more such recent migrants than the official immigration or labour market statistics actually suggest‘.

Stat of the day: 9% - the lead for the ‘Leave’ campaign, according to the latest Lord Ashcroft polling

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